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Youth Crafts

What indoor craft activities do you have planned out for your littles?

Nocturnal Animals Box
from: Green Kid Crafts

Weather Science Box – $34.95
from: Green Kid Crafts

Thinking ahead when it comes to fall; what activities do you plan on doing?

Crisp, frosty mornings ahead is something I look forward to it will be a refreshing change from the oppressively hot afternoons and sweltering nights.


Adult Crafts and Activities

It’s time to gain a new perspective when it comes to the ability to keep warm. My son has been diligent about cutting wood and locating wood for some projects to do in the not to distant future.

Season of Reflection

In a short span of time our family reunification will be changing in the coming weeks. My mind strolls along the back roads of my mind as I think about what, where and why it all came to be.

My memory nevers fails to assist me in evaluating the way we were and established the way we want to be now.

This all implies change, hope, trust and comfort in this uncomfortable situation that will be at the forefront very soon.

Incredible Consistency

Leaves are starting to fall upon the ground, these leaves will soon turn into our mulch for our seasonal gardening. The birds are journeying as the squirrels finish storing their nuts and the bears start to shelter in place.

Creatures in the natural world act out their pageants without external instruction or some script to follow.

God graciously moves upon our lives in seasons and our hearts, patiently He waits for change to begin in us.

The Roots Grow Deep When The Winds Are Strong

At the root of God’s agenda is His promise…

God Who began the good work within you will keep right on helping you grown in His grace until His work within you is finally finished on that day when jesus Christ returns.

He plans to deepen you and strengthen you. But He won’t overdo it. He’s watching over the roots

Come wind, come weather, welcome Autumn with some new crafts and activities.

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