How To Better Plan Ahead When It Comes To Snow

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How to better plan ahead when it comes to snow, a record amount of snow this year

How To Better Plan Ahead When It Comes To Snow

We better plan ahead for next year. Because this winter had been rather odd around here Especially when it comes to the amount of snow we get and at what time of the year the snow comes and goes. We thought last year’s snow would have been the worst.

This year we have had snow come and go off and on throughout the months. The snow had been light and sometimes the snow melts before it even hits the ground. Then, heavier snow comes and stays for a couple of days, weeks and for an entire month.

At times I would jump in my 2022 Subaru Ascent with 22′ wheels and normal treaded tires to drive my vehicle at our top entrance of our property. Parking our vehicles at the top is a must because, it would allow us to get out if we needed to and return only God knows when.

Our Private Road

On our private road seems to be the worst for all who travel to and from because of the incline and the road surface which consists of gravel. Although on our private road we are the ones to get the most snow out of anyone else and our snow is the last to leave our area.

This last snowstorm came in during the night as expected but, I gave up on moving my vehicle at this point in time. So, my Subaru remained stuck meaning it was buried in snow for weeks. And all because I stopped being on high alert when it came to moving my vehicle at the first sight of snow. A month and a half later I was able to get my vehicle out and that was only because of all the rain that came in and melted the snow away.

A little bit later I heard we may be getting more snow at some point. So, that means I must get out while I can, so that is what I’m going to do. That is after I use a magnetic metal finder to pick up any loose screws and bolts and nails that may be on the ground due to my awning breaking off my home. I will discuss this later on.

Necessities You Must Have When It Comes To Living Amongst Snow

Thinking ahead after last year’s storm I purchased a snow scraper from Amazon for my vehicle. The problem I ran into was that my scraper was in my vehicle and the snow didn’t allow me to open my doors to retrieve the snow scraper. There is always something new to learn and think about well in advance.

Dilemmas Unfolding On A Daily Basis

We have various vehicles that we thought could get us out of the snow. Each vehicle had its fair bit of challenges and other vehicles have failed us in different ways. Dilemmas unfolding on a daily basis can get rather overwhelming to say the least.

You better plan ahead when it comes to your transportation and the tires on your vehicle

In one of our vehicles, the battery failed, and the other vehicle was too heavy to use without chains. This left using an ATV. The RZR allowed my son to get to and from work and as you can see he even got stuck one day because more snow came and we had the wrong type of tires on the RZR.

For my son to get unstuck he had to winch the Polaris RZR to a tree which allowed it to get unstuck. A tree had fallen in the middle of this area of the road too. That is when he attempted to turn around to come back home. Praise God this method of transportation is allowable in our area.

Better Plan Ahead When It Comes To Tires and Chains

We could have purchased and used chains on some of our vehicles but, haven’t yet. My Subaru is the only vehicle that I cannot put or use chains on. That’s one of the drawbacks to owing a newer vehicle.

I purchased mud and snow tires in March of 2023 at Americas Tire we will see how the next snow storm will be for me and my newer Subaru. My sons old 1990’s Subaru gets him everywhere in most snow conditions too without chains too.

We will be ordering 2-6 truckloads of rock to be delivered for our driveways and roadways. This last summer I had one truck load of rock delivered right after we trenched for water lines.

Going forward I’m staging my vehicle at the top of the property all winter long from this point forward!

Stuck and Nowhere to Go

The utility companies’ trucks even got stuck on our road for a couple of days. They had to bring in a massive vehicle to pull their work truck out of the snow. Our road is nothing to contend with.

Injuries Sustained All Due To The Snow

Injuries I have sustained this winter have included muscle pain, knee pain from stepping in the snow and one of my feet giving way, and the other knee trying to hold me up. I often think about upcoming winters as I age and how dangerous this can become. But, we’ll deal with that when the time comes.

My son made me a walking stick using branches from our property. This has helped me support one side of my body. But, I need another one to walk with to prevent my knee from getting injured again and again.

I have fallen in the snow several times this year due to the depth, my footing, carrying things, etc. Although I’m truly thankful it’s a pretty soft landing when you fall down in the snow.

I used my hands, a rake, and various shovels to remove as much snow as I could from our entryways, vehicles, faucet shut-offs, electrical panels, and generator cover. I’ve sustained some major pain, weakness, soreness, and tightness in my neck and my arms. Living in the snow is not easy!

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