self-doubt around other people

How To Stop Self-Doubt From Sabotaging Your Financial Abilities


Having self-doubt and questioning your abilities to manage and make money will directly impact your long-term earning potential. How to stop self-doubt from sabotaging your financial abilities is what we will discuss further.

Are you thinking of self-doubt?

If you’ve asked yourself these questions listed below, your financial attitude could use some much-needed help.

  • Do I deserve this job or this promotion?
  • Will I be able to provide what they need?
self-doubt around other people
self-doubt around other people

Negativity Does Not Lead To Positivity

The negative mental processes that we say to ourselves over and over again can have a detrimental effect on our financial outcomes.

  • Hearing negative words from others can have negative impacts on us as well.
  • Negative affirmations can obscure our judgment of ourselves.

Negative thoughts can undermine our motivation to excel, lower our self-worth, and leave us feeling bad about our current financial situation. All this does is harm our internal self and limit our ability to make what we truly deserve and that is to earn more money.

Steps To Move Forward

If you are continually having positive ideas about money and the income you want to earn, the chances of success are significantly better. The potential to enhance your income is only limited by what you think about it and whether you feel it is even possible.

Forward Thinking

Obtaining a raise is one of the most effective ways to boost your income. Some companies have set limits on pay raises. Learn new ways to bring in more income to you directly and possibly through passive income.

Invest In Yourself When No One Else Will – You Are Worth It!

  • Our self-views are the beliefs we have about ourselves and our abilities.
    • To go deeper it’s what we deeply believe to be absolute facts. These ideas, whether accurate or not, influence how we perceive ourselves.
  • Learn to identify and confirm positive attributes we have within ourselves.
    • Trust yourself to make sound financial decisions by taking a course or listening to a successful person speak.
    • TED talks have some great speakers and a great person to listen to is Brene Brown.
  • Believe in yourself enough to seek out opportunities that will allow you to grow within your organization.
    • Eventually, you will be able to ask for that raise or promotion that you deserve.
  • Whatever it is, you’ll eventually believe in yourself even more and that you will succeed.
  • You will learn to make and take risks along the way.
  • When you start believing more in yourself, it is easier for people to believe in you, which opens a whole new world of possibilities. 

Increase Your Self-Worth To Decrease Your Self-Doubt

  • The first thing is that you should do your homework and understand your worth.
  • Take advantage of any opportunity that will allow you to better your talents.
  • Learn new skills and improve your existing skills.
  • Update your cover letters and your social media accounts to reflect your new abilities.
  • Be Confident

Be Confident In Your Current Role

Going above and beyond will allow you to demonstrate your work ethic, devotion, and resiliency. Be proactive in requesting additional work and discovering new ways to do something toward your employer’s mission statement.

Keep a healthy structure in place when it comes to work, life, and balance. Enjoy the employee perks like employers who match your investment in a retirement plan along with medical and dental.

Demonstrate to your current employer and direct manager that you deserve a pay increase.

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