journaling out our memories

Memories From The Past Can Be Overcome

Memories From The Past

First, you must understand that healing from some of your memories is crucial to your well-being!

Holding on to these memories can cause you more harm than the event that took place.

You may need to learn new ways of releasing these toxins. Let me elaborate more about journaling methods. It may be a new way for you. Many people have used it to help them with their healing process.

Try to journal a little bit each day this will help you get rid of the bad memories. Bad memories are poisonous to your nervous system.

Write out the difficult times you have experienced don’t worry about punctuation, grammar, spelling, etc.

Painful Memories

Painful events might include some form of abuse, accidental deaths, intentional deaths, military events, loss of employment, criticism, bullying, and so on. Only you know the pain you have and are currently enduring. Know that you are capable of overcoming the pain you have been subjected to.

journaling out our memories
journaling out our memories

Learn new ways how to overcome your bad memories, especially those memories that have come from your childhood. Most of us carry our painful childhood memories with us for years to come.

Journal Devotion

Devote 5 minutes a day at the same time each day to writing in your journal and allow some time afterward to reflect. Choose a comfortable, undisturbed place. You’ll sleep better knowing you got it out of your mind and onto paper and that you will no longer allow it to consume your mind, body, or your soul. When you write about the event, write about the thoughts and feeling that you felt during this time.

I heard them fighting, the yelling got louder, the doors were slammed, and one of them was left in a vehicle.

I felt sad, angry, and concerned, I felt in fear that they would get hurt or not come back. I wondered what happened, I coiled up in my bed, I thought someone, in particular, was to blame. I wanted them to die and be removed from my life.

Although, I held all this in my entire life my body now suffers from all the mental and physical abuse I endured because I choose to keep it bottled up inside. Or so, I thought because it would be released other ways. Towards others and myself. These included low self-esteem issues, anger issues, and many autoimmune diseases that I struggle with for the rest of my life.

What I succumbed to in my early years passed onto my employment and relationships. People-pleasing tendencies, saying I’m sorry all the time for everything. I was easily bullied at work. I had become depressed. The anxiety lived inside, causing me to continually worry about things out of my control.

Journaling and seeking counseling have helped with my depression.

Lessen The Pain

Trying not to think about past events may be troubling you right now. How are you able to lessen the pain you have endured?

What events remain inside you?

Are you ready to release this pain?

Get in touch with yourself. Learn new ways to lessen the pain you are enduring. Do something for your well-being. By doing some form of exercising, yoga, or yard work.

Gardening includes weeding, weeding is like removing pain from our innermost being. It’s getting down to the root. Seeing the weed pulled out and discarded in a place where it won’t grow again.

If you aren’t one for getting your hands dirty. Seek out a licensed counselor who can help you focus on some deeper more enriched ways of keeping your weeds under control.

Find what fits you and know that finding your way to healing may take many attempts. Know that you are worth it!

He created you with a purpose so that you may live it out!

Uncontrolled Pain Of Our Memories

You’ll have; a sense of relief, you will not allow any more uncontrolled pain into your life, you’ll learn how to find strength through your difficult times, and you’ll gain resilience and confidence in yourself.

Methods that will help you cope better and no longer internalize things, stand up for yourself, find your worth, hope and inspiration, meaning, gratitude for something that transpired in your daily life, and the ability to accept it for what it is.

  • Be aware of your mood, have you become depressed?
  • In what ways can you bring yourself back up?
  • Do you feel panicky?

Calming methods; listen to Calm, meditate, practice some deep breathing techniques, listen to uplifting music, take a walk, hike, sit by some water and enjoy your surroundings.

Agitated By The Memories

If you feel that journaling is causing you to feel more agitated simply stop and seek the help of a mental health professional specializing in trauma.

Do you notice that you are writing about your deepest thoughts? Are you easily expressing the feelings you are experiencing as you write? Pay close attention to how you are feeling, has your mood changed?

Write continuously for about 15 minutes about what is troubling you the most, what is keeping you awake at night, write about things you are dwelling on.

Are there things you are trying to avoid?

Write about things you have not shared with others or something you have not shared in great detail.

  • Describe the event.
  • What’s going on before the event?
  • What happened during and after the event?
  • Who were the involved parties?
  • What were the involved people doing, feeling, and thinking?
  • How did this event affect others?
  • Make what you write personal and heartfelt.
  • Name and accept what you are feeling.

Explore how your event is related to your childhood, relationships, friends, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and fellow employees.


All of us have experienced some form of trauma, and we must understand that traumatic events can cause us to be easily startled.

We must understand that these traumatic events can easily flow into other areas of our life where we are triggered. Journaling about a traumatic event may trigger thoughts of other events, take note of these thoughts.

You can always grab some paper versus a journal and write out what is needing to come out and discard it, burn it, or recycle it. It’s up to you, it’s your story. Write for your eyes only, may be the direction you want to go. It’s a start and know that you can rid of it.

Later on, you may find something that has worked for you is something that you may want to write about.

Clean Out Those Memories Of Yours

If you want to put your mind at ease you must clear it out. To clear it out is to let your racing thoughts surface. We must turn them into words written on a surface. This method may be useful for you to apply right now.

  • Did you find it easier to let go and open up?
  • Did you acknowledge the bad and the good of the event?
  • Where are you able to express your deepest thoughts?
  • Did you journal about the negative emotions you experienced and the positive emotions you experienced?
  • Have you found closure?
  • What have you lost or gained?

It helps to get to know others who have gone through similar events if you can join a support group.

Find Something To Appreciate

Is there something about a memory that makes you feel appreciation or gratitude? As though someone protected you in some way or somehow?

How did you protect yourself and others from experiencing what you experienced?

Did you journal about where you showed strength, and determination to find closure on this event?

After you have found closure and healing. I recommend going back to your journal and read what you wrote to see if you can look at your writings differently.

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