Surprisingly The Season of Spring Sprung Up Out Of Nowhere

natural water streams show that spring has sprung up

Spring Has Sprung So There Should Be No More Hum Drum

There should be no more hum drum here because spring has sprung up out of nowhere or sew its seams with all the streams.

This spring is leaving us with only a small amount of time to make up for our normal spring prep and plantings this year.

Our reasoning this spring could be what we need to soften the blow. Our season went from freezing to steaming temperatures.

This Spring Will Be A Season Of Renewal And Revival

Speaking of steaming temperatures I sit here soaking up the warmth of the sun as I write these words. It honestly feels like it’s the first day of spring today. Yet, it isn’t the first day of spring because yesterday felt like it was the first day of spring. But, it wasn’t either, either way, it is here to stay.

I’m literally ready for this new season to stay, aren’t you? The ladybugs and ants are creeping and crawling about.

deer eating what I cast out to them today it was bagels and cream cheese.

There are six deer present at this time gathering together to feast on what I cast out to them for them to feed upon. Although, green stems are popping up amongst us everywhere for the deer to graze upon. The deer are out about seeking all that they can eat at this time in the early morning hours.

Its now a time that I call God’s private living revival. It seems to be happening before our very eyes in our land and in our yards.

The Seasons Of Change

Snow blizzards that blasted us this winter has done a number on our homes and our minds. The darkness of winter is leaving us and spring is springing up quickly into a hot mess as we scurry about.

The intention of growing seeds indoors and outdoors has played a number on us this year. We are easily intimidated by the unknown as we draw back and retreat to what is comfortable. This may mean that we are being reliant versus self-reliant.

Are you relying on your store fronts to provide what we need and right when we need it?

What we need to retreat to is educating ourself enough to find ways around this intimidation. What is intimating you to not thrive and to become more self-reliant on what you are able to do in these trying times?What is buried deep inside you that is making you feel hopeless or helpless? Is this something you are going to allow yourself to be buried forever deep inside of you, smothered beneath the cold walls you have built around you?

If you want to make a change look at what your root base is adhered to or what your root system is exposed to. Learn some vast new ways to grow and you will become a healthier version of yourself.

How Healthy Is That Root System Of Yours?

How is your root system? Is this root system of yours ever going to emerge and make you wonder if you’ll ever grow freely again? Or, is it bound by the structure you put around it?

Ponder these questions when it comes to you and your seedlings.

  1. Will the sod ever soften up again?
  2. Is the sod full of nutrients or has it hardened like clay?

Do you want to feel like you are being warmly embraced? Even if its by the rays of sunlight radiating from the sky for your skin or your soul to absorb amongst?

Will this change happen in this season of your soul?

It’s a time of renewal and a good-bye to your despair because, He has awakened my soul.

Spring has sprung up inside me. How has it been for you?

I must go and grow to reap what I should know. How about you are you eager and ready to sew what you reap? We’ve been inside too long, a very long time.

Don’t loose sight of what you are growing towards even if its just seeing the mountain peaks.


God’s creations are coming back to life including the creatures that are coming back from hibernation. The bears will be crawling slowly back out of a dark cave they slept in. This means we must be on high alert when it comes to our comings and goings.

Are you on high alert when it comes to all that is lurking out and about as you go out and about? What is enticing you? What is tempting you?

Disillusionment and Discouragement

There may be much disillusionment and discouragement lurking about but don’t be afraid to re-attempt to create a new season of revival within you. It’s time to renew your life with inspiring events that surround you. The promise of change will surround you when you surround yourself with the endless possibilities that are at hand for you to pull from.

constant movement upon us as creek water flows on by this spring

Constant Movement Upon Us This Spring

I can stare out at you

All because of your beauty

Your weathering is a sign

The seasons of change

I must plot the lot

Enjoying sounds of nature

Birds chirping and other things lurking

Lizards crawling

Leaves crunching

Falling trees and limbs surround

Chiseling away with the fallen

From dirt to dust we will return

Let the gravel unravel under foot

Creeks spans since our arriving

Expansion to Leaping vs. Stradling

Looking for a way, a cross

There is no stop just a flow

Even the congestion

In the creek beds

There is a flow

Waterfalls to natural springs

We must nurture nature

Enjoy the eb and flow

Allow it to all slip slide away

Like slick mud

We call earth

Is clearing a way

To explore more

Yahweh can be your Way

Spring Of Expansion Is Underway

Take hold of the new even if it’s for a season the expansion is underway, it is upon you, and there is nothing worth turning back for. This season should be pondered and explored more and you can do this elsewhere too

There is no turning back because of all the newness that is present and it is all oh-so-fulfilling.

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