Tree Existence And Diversity Of Life Is Not Fully Appreciated

Searing Rays Cause Us To Flee To A Tree

When the searing rays of adversity sunburn their way into our day, there’s nothing quite like a sheltering tree to give us relief in its cool shade.

Take rest in the shade of this sheltering tree.

The tree’s massive trunk of understanding gives security as its thick leaves shelter us. Beneath its branches, many have rested and many of those have had a discouraged soul!

green grass field near tree

Does the tree shake or shed in its precarious place or situation?

Do you have trees in your life that significantly sustain the test given? Are you ready to quit or do you just need to get out of the intense heat for some healthier living?

  • How refreshed do you feel sitting under a tree in the intense heat of the day?
  • Beneath whose branches are you feeling refreshed?
  • Who do you allow to rest beneath your branches?

Watering, pruning, and cultivating our trees and to do something even better would be to plant a few more of them.

  • How shallow are the roots of this tree are they living a healthy life?

Growing will take time as you know so we must plan ahead for the trees that will come and go.

A Solid Stump Of A Tree

There is a deep solid stump that is exceedingly rare that you may rest upon to feel near as rare as a solid friend. Are you still looking through the forest as you enjoy the shade and shelter today besides this God-given tree?

The realm of sensitivity is to learn to read between the lines; to hear feelings that are never spoken. To see anguish or anger, joy or jealousy, confusion or compassion in the faces that communicate what is internalizing deep inside of each one of us.

When our mouth opens and the tongue unleashes itself there is no turning back so we must make healthier choices when it comes to our voices.

Some friends destroy each other, but a real friend sticks closer than a brother. The heartfelt counsel of a friend is as sweet as perfume and incense. Never abandon a friend either yours or your father’s. When disaster strikes, you won’t have to ask your brother for assistance. It’s better to go to a neighbor than to a brother who lives far away.

Branch out to others do something special for one of your close friends this week. Send a card to a friend and let them know you cherish their friendship.

People are walking about aimlessly.

Funny and painful memories full of life and death can lead to some energy-draining years because of aging. We learn together how deeply our roots are growing as they entangle one another.

  • What can you do and what is your purpose in this particular situation?

How rugged and long our memories remain were the roads we traveled have mended us together. The roads traveled consisted of many holes that we strategically got ourselves around ever so cautiously. We must remember these times are imperishable.

Grief-stricken people need to go through the grieving process and we must remember there are groups available. These groups of people have things in common that will help people grieve what they have lost that make for healthier living.

When we bear the burdens of others we realize our role in the body of Christ. Caring for others in their darkest moments is something that the Lord has been preparing us for. Giving us a sense of purpose and the steadying comfort of God’s love regardless of what life brings.

Thankful For Changes

Be thankful for changes even if they are small changes. We are not all-sufficient nor totally self-sufficient. We need support, insight, discernment, counsel, love, presence of a companion that is aware of our moods and our needs. A companion knows our faults and forgives us often they feel our failures, and apprehensions and encourage us through them.

Stop being bullish, intimidating, and selfish. learn to share your hurts and fears and admit when you are wrong and really say what you are sorry for in detail. Ask God to grab their heart and soften their spirit.

Hebrews 13:1-6

Homework: What memory for which you are truly thankful? Share it with another person and tell them what you’re thankful for. Celebrate one another by spending time together reminiscing the good times and the bad times.

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