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The Journey to Better Health Bundle 2023 – Stay Tuned – Coming Soon

Sale Dates: Monday, June 5th @ 8:01am ET

Prelaunch Details: Coming Soon

Price: $37 (Bundle) | $57 (Bundle + Cheat Sheets

Product – The Reflect Orb

The Reflect Orb has become one of the most anticipated tech devices for health and wellness to launch in 2022. The Reflect Orb is a soft and comforting wellness companion that weaves together neuroscience and textile design. The Orb uses the power of biofeedback to enable users to bring awareness to their unconscious states and influence their reactions through various relaxation techniques. Additionally, the Orb is paired to the Reflect App which helps users track their progress on their wellness journey. With regular use, consumers learn how to relieve stress, reduce anxiety and achieve relaxation. Learn more and chat with us at

Product – Nomadix

At Nomadix we make products that are made using certified post-consumer recycled plastic and contribute to 1% For The Planet. We made the go-anywhere, do-anything towels for yoga, beach, travel, & more. These are towels that do it all so you can own less and do more. We also branched out with blankets for festivals, camping, picnics, & more, as well as ponchos. We make quality products designed to be so durable and versatile, you only ever need one.

Product – Pull Start Fire

THE FASTEST, EASIEST WAY TO START A FIRE – Firepits, Camping, Hiking – Any Outdoor Activity and Family Fun

We’ve been there. Picking up logs and branches off the ground. They’re wet, freshly cut, or even frozen. Trying to pull apart logs to make some kindling. Meticulously placing every piece. Swearing it wasn’t this windy five minutes ago. Hoping that the wax brick will actually stay lit this time. We take the chore out of starting your fire, and turn it into an experience.

Product – Green Kid Crafts

Thank you for your interest in the Green Kid Crafts Affiliate Program!

Green Kid Crafts delights tens of thousands of kids around the world each month with fun, creative and eco-friendly craft and STEM activities (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), delivered right to their door through our company’s subscription program. Every month’s Discovery Box is packed with up to 6 unique and engaging activity kits designed to foster a child’s creativity and confidence while helping to raise the nation’s next generation of creative leaders. Each month brings a new theme; past themes have included Mad Scientist, Nocturnal Animals, Around the World, Outer Space, and Feathered Friends. We ship to the US and US territories, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, and Australia. Our company has won a variety of awards including Academics’ Brain Toy Award, Dr. Toy’s Best Green Products, PTPA Seal of Approval, a recommendation from Parents’ Choice, MACT Excellence and MACT Green Awards and Red Tricycle’s Award for Most Awesome Subscription Service. Green Kid Crafts is certified carbon neutral, Green America Approved, a member of 1% for the Planet, and has won numerous awards and designations for its responsible business practices.

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