What Do You Honestly Value Right Now?

Define What You Value

To define what you value is to look at something in the grander scheme of things. Value is a measure of an item’s relative worth. For instance we will look at purchasing property. Property comes in various forms. But, does this property provide you with what your body needs over what it wants in order to survive?



When it comes to our behavior what does our body need in order to survive? What does your body lack and what is your body unable to function without that will cause the body to perish?


When it comes to wanting something it can overwhelm our logic especially when it come to purchasing something using money or better yet when it comes to purchasing items using credit cards.

The credit card allows you to justify your spending by the credit card companies logic. Credit card companies are basically telling you that you can use their money freely. But, in reality it isn’t free because you are basically bound to them for life. The credit card charges will affect you in more ways than one; your finances will become overwhelming which leads to stress, and conflict in your elationships.

Value The Need For A Monthly Budget

Can you live within a monthly budget? Early in my life I started out in debt because of credit cards, financed vehicles and college debt. I couldn’t earn enough money to offset this debt. This learning process basically took years before I could understand how and why I couldn’t get ahead of my debt.

When someone would tell me to budget I would respond how am I supposed to live on a budget when my income is less than my expenses.

I sacrificed my time by looking for more employment. I would work more than one job in hopes of paying down the debts. I lost living my life because I was indebted to the I must haves.

My financial hardship eventually led to debt collection, poor credit scores and later in life it led to filing for bankruptcy. Confusing statement here;

(Seasons and popularity influence supply and demand and prices or values. All this can fluctuate in response to all the variations in demand.)


An objective specifies the measurable steps that must be taken to attain the overall goal. Is getting out of debt something of value for you to do?

Interests or Interest Rates

In order to be interested in something it must he heard or seen to draw our attention to it. If you were taught anything the correct way you would have been taught more about interest rates, variable interest rates, and compound interest.

Set A Goal Towards What You Value

A goal is something you decide, desire and strive hard to obtain. Start out with small achievable goals. For example you want to purchase a vehicle. Live where you can walk, ride a bike and utilize public transportation.

Having a vehicle is costly. So, why not start off on the right foot and live near your college or your job and use other forms of transportation that is more affordable that will allow you to achieve your goal of purchasing a vehicle using cash.

Learn to save $________ amount of money each month by paying yourself first. This particular amount will come from the amount you were going to spend on the monthly car payment, insurance, annual registration, maintenance like oil changes that is based on your mileage, and those new tires you will need in the coming years, etc.


Without money we must learn to barter this is something that takes place all the time. On the streets with homeless individuals for instance. Along with all this comes the emotions of fear, guilty shame and envy.

Without having an awareness of these emotions they will frequently take precedence over reason and they will influence your behavior.

There are other ways you can barter and that may involve trading labor for your next meal.

Self Control

What spending habits do you need to break and do you have self control over these habits? Do you have any control over these spending habits? is it hard to stop spending money you do not have?

Are you enslaved and manipulated by this thing/habit? Are you being held under the authority of something (lawless or wicked) or lawful but not profitable?

What is that thing of value causing you to continually want to buy? Does this thing fill a void in your life? Does this thing fill in for that lack of self-esteem you have because of your self-image? Is this thing because of peer pressure or are you wanting to fit in with others?

Bad Habits

None of us are free from bad habits. That’s the price we pay for being human. This can include exaggerating, cheating or even procrastinating. Other habits may be negative and suspicious, resulting in habitually closed minded responses.

Some of us may feel trapped by overt dependence on alcohol consumption, going out and being under the influence causes us to purchase or buy drinks when we don’t have the rational to know we don’t have the money but we are numb to all that and buy another.

We justify through cleverly devised mental schemes. The list is endless for habits as numerous as every detail of life that we are living out.

Apply a new strategy to take on with each bad habit. Focus on one bad habit at a time do not attempt them all at once.Being realistic about our bad habits won’t happen fast and it won’t be easy nor will you resolve it immediately.

Remain encouraged by realizing you are on the road to ultimate triumph for the very first time.

It isn’t too late to start right now this is the best time because after all its a fresh new day, meaning its a fresh start. Get up and get moving. Give it all to Him, He is present and there and He is ready to help you through the day with all the power you will need even if its one moment at a time.

Press in and press on.

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