What Does Transformed Lives Really Mean To You Exactly?

Other People’s Lives

We are all created to do good works In other people’s lives. I believe that He is using me to encourage and strengthen you so you to do the same for other people’s lives.

Imagine a couple that is living next door to you and that are in need of help but, they are to ashamed to ask you to help them out. This matter at hand prevents the couple from the ability of getting to what they are in need of. Their matter at hand is their lack of transportation, so the couple ends up starving to death.

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Other People’s Lives

Do you even know what is going on in other people’s lives?

Because, my son was outdoors and doing work on our property when we first moved here. One of our neighbors came right on over to strike up a conversation with my son. Out of curiosity the neighbor came over to see if we were the new owners.

The husband rolled up on a Polaris RZR because, that is his way of traveling around because of his multitude of health issues. His wife choose to walk on foot for her health related issues. Afterall, we all have them. What is the method you use to get around and is it the best one?

Over time we learned more about one another. Being, they have lived her over 30 years that had valuable information to share with us the past and the present and what is upcoming when it comes to our weather patterns, needs, getting out, etc.

Our friendly neighbors were the first ones to educate us and to offer us help when we needed it. They checked in with us all the time, even if it was unexpected visits. They have been there for so many of us in our quant area in so many ways. We’ve been blessed beyond all means because of their good stewardship.

What Is Good Stewardship In Other People’s Lives?

Before purchasing our land, our neighbor prayed diligently and we are all blessed to have one another. How does that feel? It feels amazing, to say the least.

We might assume that our deeds are of no importance and we must understand that our good works cannot save us.

Genuine faith always expresses itself through action and when good deeds/works flow we will see through other people’s lives that He is working in us. Others observe and the things we do for another is the goal here.

Go Out To Be Unnoticed

We must not strive to be noticed as we seek out opportunities that are not measured by our bank accounts. We have access to God’s riches and that is what we call “Joy.” It’s the most amazing feeling you will experience. It’s a natural high that you cannot explain but, others can see it in you.

  • To serve is a kind act
  • Provide for the needy, serve with humility
  • Share His Word,
  • Have a listening ear
  • Bring light to the spiritual darkness that is overwhelming you and other people’s lives.

Your good works and righteous acts can never earn God’s forgiveness and favor. No matter what you’ve done, you can be declared righteous if you’ll turn from your sins and trust Jesus as your Savior.

Go And Tell

Tell others the good news of your salvation. I share openly how I rejected Him over and over again. Which seemed to make Him even in more pursuit of me till I was willing to accept Him. Afterall, how do you reject something you don’t believe in? Everyone has heard of Jesus, how do you reject Him being that you have heard of Him?

Have you seen the movie “Passion for Christ”, if not make it a point to watch it. You won’t regret it.

What does it mean to be intimate in order to be in other people’s lives?

What is intimacy? Its a desire. It’s my desire to study and meditate on His Word each and everyday. Without it I have no sense of direction and havoc will be awaiting. I must gear up and be ready to fight off what is lurking about.

What path are you taking each and everyday. Is it the path to least resistance? Is the path your taking where others are going? Are you being led by the right people or are you just wandering around in the wilderness aimlessly?

Has your life taken a different turn and presented you unique challenges along the way?

What Stage Of Change Are You At?

The five stages of change are precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance

You may not know me, but I know everything about you. I know when you sit down and when you rise up. I am familiar with all your ways.

Psalm 139:1-3

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